BodyHealt Sock AIDS - Deluxe White, Comfortable Design Ideal for Seniors, AIDS Donning Sock with Foam Grip for Easy Grip, Extends Your Reach up to 33"

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Brand: BodyHealt


  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. The BodyHealt Sock Aid is expertly crafted using a molded plastic frame to provide long-lasting durability for everyday use, and deluxe foam handles for comfort and gripping ease for those with low or limited dexterity. It's available in white, blue and pink color options to accommodate everyone's taste.
  • AIDS IN RECOVERY. Rehabilitation following hip or knee surgery is an important step in your recovery. Helping you perform a daily task that can be difficult after your procedure, this Sock Aid will ease your recovery and prevent post-surgery injuries when you return home.
  • ESSENTIAL AID. The BodyHealt Sock Aid is an essential ADL product to assist those who have trouble bending over. Adding an extra 33 inches to your reach, minimal bending is required for users to put on and take off socks or hosiery.
  • VERSATILE USE. This convenient aid is ideal for those who recently had hip, knee or back surgery, or who have a limited range of motion due to joint pain, arthritis, chronic muscle pain and other debilitating ailments or health issues.
  • PROMOTES INDEPENDENCE. Perfect for those who or temporarily or permanently disabled, this aid reduces the user's dependence on others. Furthermore, it eases the recovery process by bringing mobility and freedom to those with limited mobility.

Publisher: bodyhealt